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Vikings 0 - 34 Tigers

Some Castleford tigers fans were either late to the game or turned round and went home because of a situation on the roads. The kick off wasn't delayed tho and a lot of Cas fans missed the start of the game.

For the first 20 mins Widnes put pressure on Castlefords line, but Cas held out and then opened up with 4 tries. Minikin went over twice and Shenton and Eden got one a piece making the half time score Vikings 0 - 22 Tigers.

Matt Cook and Greg Eden both scored in the second half, but Widnes didn't score at all.

Castleford were outstanding again and remain at the top of the league table after the first 4 games unbeaten. 

Castleford - played 4 - won 4 - lost 0

New wiper arm fitted on the car.

I was driving home from work the other day in the rain when i noticed that my back window wasn't getting wiped. Once i got home i realized that my rear wiper arm had broken and the wiper blade was hanging down like a dogs tail. Anyway once i'd gone in the house, i turned the computer on and ordered a new one. My problem started when i removed the old wiper arm and was left with a bolt sticking out of the car back window. When the new wiper arm arrived in the post, i took it out of the packaging and realized that the little copper fitting on the wiper arm was still stuck on the bolt on the back window.

I used a junior hacksaw to cut through the small copper ring that was still stuck on the bolt on the rear wiper mounting. It didn't take long, but had to make sure i didn't put the back window through. Once the copper ring was off, it was a 30 second job to put the new wiper arm on and make sure it was in the correct position. 

All sorted now, new rear wiper arm fitted and working. 

Cas Tigers after 3 games 2017

3 games and 3 wins.

Castleford 44 - 16 Leigh

Warrington 22 - 30 Castleford

Castleford 66 - 10 Leeds

Sene-Lefao, Eden & Hardaker have hit the ground running and all have been fantastic for Cas. Minikin is scoring for fun and him and Eden could both be in the run in for top try scorer this year. It helps having two good centers in Webster and Shenton tho. Luke Gale must be the best halfback in the country at the moment and Rangi Chase has played his part in two of the 3 games. McShane took Rangi's place for the Leeds game and you've only to look at the score to see that it worked well. Milner has come on leaps and bounds over the last few years and also played really well. Lynch, Moors, Springer and Millington are the backbone of the team and if i was trying to pick a man of the match, i'd find it very difficult at the moment especially for the Leeds game. 

Exciting times for Cas Tigers. Top of the league and really looking good, but at the same time very exciting to watch.

The Crew best cars

These are probably the best cars for each class in The Crew for PS4.

Perf cars :- Laferrari, Huarya, Aventador, Exige S

Circuit cars :- 458, Ford GT, McLaren 12C

Street cars :- GTR R34, MX-5, Mini Cooper S

Dirt :- Skyline, Focus

Raid :- Ford Raptor, Camaro RS, Chevy Silverado, RUF 3400K

Drag :- RUF CTR-3

Drift :- BMW M5

Monster :- Abarth 500

Calling all Units

So i've been playing "The Crew - Calling All Units" for a few months now and it's fab.

You start off with one car and a race that seems too hard to actually win, but with a little practice and a bit of driving around the area picking up car upgrades, it becomes easier. The best way to get your car upgraded and to pick up a bit of cash is to find yourself an easy jump and keep doing the same jump over and over to pick up parts for your car.

Once you're a bit further into the game, you start to pick up more cars and are in the position to join in the online PVP events and "The Summit". Doing these player verses player events will get you more money and the opportunity of more cars.

The police chases are well worth getting involved in. Give them a go, they are brill.

Welcome to 12noon a different league

Welcome to 12noon.net

Things have changed around here to make life simpler to just pop my ramblings online and let you read what im thinking. Hope you enjoy reading what's to come over the next few months and years. 

At the moment i'm watching my favourite rugby league team "Castleford Tigers" and playing "The Crew - Calling All Units". Holidays are also in my thoughts at the moment and i've got 3 booked for this year (2017) Crete, Norfolk & Lanzarote.