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The Crew best cars

These are probably the best cars for each class in The Crew for PS4.

Perf cars :- Laferrari, Huarya, Aventador, Exige S

Circuit cars :- 458, Ford GT, McLaren 12C

Street cars :- GTR R34, MX-5, Mini Cooper S

Dirt :- Skyline, Focus

Raid :- Ford Raptor, Camaro RS, Chevy Silverado, RUF 3400K

Drag :- RUF CTR-3

Drift :- BMW M5

Monster :- Abarth 500

Calling all Units

So i've been playing "The Crew - Calling All Units" for a few months now and it's fab.

You start off with one car and a race that seems too hard to actually win, but with a little practice and a bit of driving around the area picking up car upgrades, it becomes easier. The best way to get your car upgraded and to pick up a bit of cash is to find yourself an easy jump and keep doing the same jump over and over to pick up parts for your car.

Once you're a bit further into the game, you start to pick up more cars and are in the position to join in the online PVP events and "The Summit". Doing these player verses player events will get you more money and the opportunity of more cars.

The police chases are well worth getting involved in. Give them a go, they are brill.