I was driving home from work the other day in the rain when i noticed that my back window wasn't getting wiped. Once i got home i realized that my rear wiper arm had broken and the wiper blade was hanging down like a dogs tail. Anyway once i'd gone in the house, i turned the computer on and ordered a new one. My problem started when i removed the old wiper arm and was left with a bolt sticking out of the car back window. When the new wiper arm arrived in the post, i took it out of the packaging and realized that the little copper fitting on the wiper arm was still stuck on the bolt on the back window.

I used a junior hacksaw to cut through the small copper ring that was still stuck on the bolt on the rear wiper mounting. It didn't take long, but had to make sure i didn't put the back window through. Once the copper ring was off, it was a 30 second job to put the new wiper arm on and make sure it was in the correct position. 

All sorted now, new rear wiper arm fitted and working.